Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 9.28.31 PMDear colleagues, mentors, friends and family, it’s been an extraordinary year and I am thrilled to share some exciting updates.

In fall 2017, I will be moving to the University of Michigan to join the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures as an Assistant Professor of French. I am honored to work alongside the department’s very distinguished francophonists whose scholarship I have long admired.

Additionally, my first book manuscript, Decolonial Citizenship: Black Women’s Resistance in the Francophone World is now under contract with the University of Illinois Press. I am thrilled at the support I have received from my editor Dawn Durante, and I look forward to completing this project and contributing to the scholarship on race, gender and politics in the francophone world.

Finally, I have been awarded a fellowship at the American Philosophical Society Library in Philadelphia to conduct archival research for my second book on slavery, marronage and transatlantic citizenship.

I am so very grateful to all who have supported me in various capacities: as generous letter writers, engaged readers of my work, and kind and supportive friends. More adventures ahead!